What Direct Access Is and Why We're So Excited About It

Direct Access refers to the Kansas Law eliminating the requirement for a doctor's referral to receive physical therapy. Chances are good that you or someone you know could benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy can help a wide range of movement or injury pain, such as:
Zach Therapy NautilusArthritis
Back Pain
Sport Injuries
Tensed Muscles
Post or Pre Operative Surgery
Joint Pain
Reduced Range of Motion
Auto or Work Injuries
Plantar Faciitis
and more. 

Direct Access cuts through the run around of scheduling and referrals and empowers you with the ability to schedule a therapy appointment. And Mid-America Orthopedics' dedicated team of professionals work to get you in immediately. The sooner you are scheduled, the faster you get answers. Our highly skilled Therapy Department will tailor your treatment to your needs and equip you with tools to put an end to your pain. Interested in learning more?  Check out our Physical Therapy page at



Dr. Michael Dempewolf is the First in Kansas to Use Breakthrough Implant To Help Heal Patients Faster


rotation implant

Dr. Michael Dempewolf is the first orthopedic surgeon in Kansas and the Kansas City Metro to use a new breakthrough procedure to treat patients with rotator cuff disease. The Rotation Medical Bioinductive Implant biologically helps tendons heal through the induction of new tissue growth, helping patients resume normal activities quicker than traditional treatments, while reducing the likelihood of further degeneration or re-tears. This minimally invasive system is a new option for people suffering from rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder joint

Rotator Cuff Injuries: It is estimated that 4 million people in the US suffer from rotator cuff disease. Rotator cuff tears occur in people who repeatedly perform overhead motionsin their job or sports. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround, move and stabilize the shoulder joint. The rotator cuff keeps the head of the upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries usually cause a dull ache in the shoulders, which can worsen when sleeping on the injured side. A torn rotator cuff can make daily activities like getting dressed, sleeping or brushing your teeth painful and difficult to do. They can prevent you from doing things like work, or things that you love to do like playing sports and living an active lifestyle.

When a rotator cuff tear occurs, the tendon separates from the humeral head (the top of the upper arm bone). There are two types of rotator cuff tears: Partial – Where the soft tissue is damaged but the tendon is not completely torn away. Typically caused by aging, weakness, or overuse of the tendon. Complete – also known as a full thickness tear, when the soft tissue is completely separated from the bone. In most cases, the rotator cuff tendon tears directly off the attachment site.

Because traditional treatments do not address the poor quality of the underlying tendon tissue, a significant number of these tendons often develop into larger, more painful and incapacitating tears or re-tears due to continuing degeneration of the torn tendon. Bioinductive Implants allow Dr. Dempewolf to intervene early and help prevent disease progression by augmenting and healing the tendon before the injury worsens. And while conventional surgery is effective, the repairs take a long time to heal. That is what makes the Bioinductive Implant ground breaking! The Rotation Medical Bioinductive Implant, about the size of a postage stamp is inserted through a small incision during a minimally invasive procedure. Bioinductive Implants induce the formation of new tendinous tissue over the surface of the tendon, resulting in a thicker tendon. Depending on the stage of rotator cuff disease, the Bioinductive Implant provides patients a range of potential benefits, including shorter rehabilitation, faster recovery, prevention or slowing of disease progression, healing of partial-thickness tears, and decreased risk of developing a subsequent tear.

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Meet Dr. Kelly Own

Dr. OwnWhen we first opened our facility, we knew that the Kansas City area needed someone who could provide excellent physical medicine and rehabilitation services. We wanted to fill that need. We first heard of Dr. Own through Dr. Rodrigo Cayme.  Dr. Cayme treats patients in this same specialty at our Wichita location. Dr. Own, like Dr. Cayme, also received his fellowship residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. We knew, on paper, that Dr. Own was a knowledgeable and well qualified physician but would he be a good fit for us?  We found out the answer to that question pretty quickly.  Dr. Own has a true passion for healing people. He specializes in non-operative management of spine and neck conditions, non-opioid pain management, joint therapies, electrodiagnostics, and more. He’s quick-witted and has a fun sense of humor all while treating patients with respect, compassion and expertise.

Dr. Own started with Mid-America Orthopedics Kansas City in October and has been making this great city home! He’s accepting new patients now and in most cases, can accommodate same day appointments. “My practice philosophy is to work collaboratively with my patients to optimize their function and empower them to be active participants in their care.” Let Dr. Own get you back to life in forward motion! 

The MAO Family is Growing!

grand opening

We are proud to announce that our brand new office in Leawood, KS is open!  Our mission is to provide superb service and comprehensive orthopedic care to our patients. We saw a need in northern Kansas and knew that we could fill it. Over a year ago, Mid-America Orthopedics decided to bring our passion of service and care to the Kansas City area.  Dr. Mike Dempewolf has been pioneering the MAO difference, through his specialties of general orthopedics and sports medicine, to Leawood and its surrounding communities ever since. But in order to serve people best, we knew that we needed to expand. We began construction at our new location of 4940 B. W 137th St. in Leawood KS in the fall of 2016. We spent months meticulously planning and preparing and on October 18th proudly held our ribbon cutting ceremony!  This beautiful new facility offers more treatment space, a state of the art surgery center, and on site Physical Therapy. 

We’ve recruited additional talented providers to further care for our patients. Dr. Kelly Own, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, joined our practice in October.  He treats patients in spine care, non-opioid pain management, peripheral joint therapies, and more!

Physical Therapist, Brent Melroy, has been part of the MAO family since 2010. He transferred from our West Wichita facility to lead our PT department in Leawood. Brent holds multiple fellowships and specialty certifications and is eager to help the Kansas City community live life with less pain through therapy.

Interested in learning more? Contact our office at 913.232.9846. 

Mid-America Orthopedics KC brings exceptional Physical Therapy to our patients!

Mid-America Orthopedics has earned a highly respected reputation in the region for physical therapy. We are thrilled to be bringing this service to the Kansas City area!

Our new premier location offers so many opportunities for our patients to experience service like never before!  We've recruited the best, most extensively trained Physical Therapist in the area to lead our Physical Therapy department. Brent Melroy is a highly accredited Physical Therapist whose comprehensive knowledge and skill will pioneer unparalleled therapy services in Leawood Kansas.  Brent has been providing physical therapy since 2006 and has been with the Mid-America Orthopedics team serving the Wichita area since 2010. Utilizing over a decade of experience and drawing on two orthopedics therapy fellowships and four orthopedic certified specialties, Brent is committed to offering patients the most advanced outpatient rehabilition. 
Our focus is you. Your goal is our goal. Your life in foward motion.


COMING SOON! We are excited to announce the opening of our new location.

 Leawood bldg

September 22nd, we'll be treating patients at our brand new facility, conveniently located at 4940 137th St. in Leawood KS.  We are excited to move to our beautiful new location and offer more treatment options to our patients! We're grateful to have this opportunity to grow and every detail has been meticulously thought out with care for our patients. Now our patients will enjoy larger treatment rooms, a premier surgery center, and first class physical therapy. Brent Melroy, DPT, joins our KC team this September and will be working closely will Doctors Michael Dempewolf and Pat Do to create individualized treatment plans so our patients are put on a path to faster recovery.  We invite you to grow with us! We are accepting new patients and work with all insurance providers. Give our offices a call at 913.232.9846.

Mid-America Orthopedics Kansas City Accepts Chamber Plaque

Mid-America Orthopedics Kansas City is proud to be members of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Michael Dempewolf accepted the membership plaque on Wednesday, September 14th.  We are very excited to be active members in the Overland Park community and support the Chamber's mission to build a growing, vibrant, and prosperous city.  Our patients are our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. We believe that in caring for one another we invest in a brighter and stronger community.    

OP Chamber member

Pictured: Dr. Michael Dempewolf  of Mid-America Orthopedics Kansas City and Stacey Cowan, Membership Director of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.


Mid-America Orthopedics Expands to Kansas City for Workers' Comp Cases

Dr. Pat Do is now seeing work comp patients out of our Kansas City location. Both Dr. Do and Dr. Hufford are available to perform independent medical examinations there as well. We are committed to delivering an outstanding patient experience with easy access, short wait times, a proven track record of workers' compensation cases, and timely communication.

Contact us at 316-719-2126 to schedule an appointment today. The KC location is at 5525 W. 119th St. Ste 220, Overland Park, KS 66209.