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Physical Therapy is a medical profession that diagnoses and treats patients of all ages and conditions through means of physical methods such as exercise, manual interventions, and/or modalities vs medication or surgeries.  The American Physical Therapy Association vision for Physical Therapy is that it is transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.  The basis for nearly all Physical Therapy interventions is to optimize movement to improve function, alleviate pain, improve strength, and normalize movement patterns.  Physical Therapists have extensive training in biomechanics, anatomy, exercise physiology, neuroanatomy, and ergonomics to appropriately treat a variety of conditions.  Physical Therapists treat simple injuries like sprains and strains to complex medical conditions requiring specific protocols and relying on their extensive training to appropriately address and treat each patient.  Many people think that PT’s are only treating patients for post-operative care, although this a small part of our occupation, we are much more involved with prevention of surgery and treating patients with traumas, repetitive injuries, sports injuries, auto accidents, and employment injuries.  The physical therapy profession addresses the movement system to improve the health of our patients to help return patients to their best self. 

At Mid-America Orthopedics Kansas City, the Physical Therapy department has a unique and advantageous situation with direct relationships with the referring Doctors.  Our Therapists have worked with all our Physicians for several years allowing us to build a strong working relationship with each provider.  This relationship has allowed our Physical Therapist’s to know specific expectations, address concerns immediately, and consult the specialists at any given time.  Our PT’s have access to all diagnostic findings, operative/surgical notes, physician documentation, and direct access to the Physicians.  It allows us to address any concerns by consulting the appropriate provider and getting immediate answers and treatment guidelines.  The unique team setting provides an ideal situation for both patient and clinician for the best possible outcomes.

The therapists at MAO have advanced training in Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Movement Science, Strength and Condition, and Pain Science.  We have always strived to be the leaders in our field and have the highest clinical training available.  Mid-America Orthopedics KC and Mid-America Orthopedics employ more Fellowship Trained PT’s (the highest clinical specialty available) than any other group in the state.  Our PT’s treat one-on-one to help give the best care and attention available to allow our patients to accomplish their goals and have full return to optimal function.

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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

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