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The purpose of physical therapy is to help you achieve pain-free and comfortable movement after an injury, illness, or surgery. Because no two patients are the same, your Kansas City-area physical therapist will design a joint rehab program just for you, using multiple physical therapy techniques and modalities for non-surgical intervention. Most patients perform special exercises and treatments at home between appointments to help speed up recovery.

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Physical Therapy Techniques

  • Manual Therapy
  • Movement Science
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Pain Science

Same and Next-Day Availability

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Goals of Physical Therapy

The basis for nearly all physical therapy interventions is to optimize movement to improve function, alleviate pain, improve strength, and normalize movement patterns.

Many people mistakenly think that physical therapists only treat patients post-operatively. However, this is only a fraction of what they do. Physical therapists at Mid-America Orthopedics are involved with prevention of surgery and treating patients with traumas, repetitive injuries, sports injuries, auto accidents, and jobsite injuries. Their extensive training in biomechanics, human anatomy, exercise physiology, neuroanatomy, and ergonomics are helpful in treating a variety of conditions.

Physical Therapy Referrals in Leawood, Garnett, & Paola, Kansas

At the Mid-America Orthopedics physical therapy clinic, we make it easy to get a physical therapy referral so you can quickly start down the road to recovery. We are in a unique and advantageous situation because our physical therapists work directly with our orthopedic doctors and surgeons and have a strong working relationship with each other.

Your care team shares your goals, concerns, and expectations, to perfectly align your care and achieve the best medical outcomes. This is how we’re able to live our patient-centered treatment philosophy.

After your orthopedic doctor refers you to our physical therapy clinic, your therapist will carefully review all diagnostic findings, operative or surgical notes, and physician documentation to prepare for your first appointment. Working with your doctor as a team, they’ll get quick answers and develop treatment protocol specific to you and determine how often you’ll need to attend physical therapy appointments before reaching your movement goals. Our physical therapists see patients one-on-one and dedicate the full length of the appointment to you.

Same and Next-Day Availability

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Mid-America Orthopedics KC
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November 1

By joining Sano, we are able to improve your access to care and increase the range of specialties available.

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