What Direct Access Is and Why We're So Excited About It

Direct Access refers to the Kansas Law eliminating the requirement for a doctor's referral to receive physical therapy. Chances are good that you or someone you know could benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy can help a wide range of movement or injury pain, such as:
Zach Therapy NautilusArthritis
Back Pain
Sport Injuries
Tensed Muscles
Post or Pre Operative Surgery
Joint Pain
Reduced Range of Motion
Auto or Work Injuries
Plantar Faciitis
and more. 

Direct Access cuts through the run around of scheduling and referrals and empowers you with the ability to schedule a therapy appointment. And Mid-America Orthopedics' dedicated team of professionals work to get you in immediately. The sooner you are scheduled, the faster you get answers. Our highly skilled Therapy Department will tailor your treatment to your needs and equip you with tools to put an end to your pain. Interested in learning more?  Check out our Physical Therapy page at http://midamorthokc.com/physical-therapy.html